Managing Director

Olga Connolly moved to the beautiful woods of Gadsden County in 1994. A year later, she completed her Ph.D. in Commonwealth Literature at Florida State University, beginning a career in teaching, writing, and editing that spanned another two decades. 

Her love of theatre began during graduate school, when she picked up the theatre column for the Florida Flambeau. She likes to say that her first 30 dates with her husband were spent at the back of a theatre, writing copy by flashlight. But it was Quincy Music Theatre that really captured her imagination. For the last sixteen years, she has done props, costumes, lightboard and spot, crew, and a multitude of other tasks and builds at QMT. From 2018 – 2019, she also served as President of the QMT Board. She is honored to step into this new role as Executive Director for QMT. 

Production Manager

Jack Jammer grew up in the sandy pines of Niceville, Florida, building cabins from scrap wood and felled trees, and telling stories with his homeschool buddies in the backyard, on stage, and in film.  He moved to Tallahassee in 2012 to pursue higher education, receiving a Master’s Degree in Architecture, from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. During this time he fell in love with local theatre, first joining the Quincy Music Theatre family in 2015 for a production of On The Town, where he took his first steps on the QMT stage as part of the ensemble. He has remained a fixture ever since, designing sets for a dozens of QMT shows between 2016 and 2019.  Jack was hired as QMT’s full time Production Manager and Master Carpenter in 2021, and has found the past two years the most fulfilling in his career. He still regularly designs the sets on stage, as well as engaging with other local theatres across the Big Bend Area in carpentry, design, and acting.

Production Intern

Joshua Simon just recently joined the Quincy Music Theatre family in 2022 in a production of Curtains as part of the ensemble. Since then, he has become a new addition to the staff helping in any way he can. He is attending Florida State University, working on getting his degree in both hospitality tourism management and production design. You may see him both on the stage performing or behind the scenes as a lighting designer in many shows around the greater Big Bend Area.