My Fair Lady

The Quincy Music Theatre is proud to present the timeless classic, Lerner and Loewe’s My Fair Lady, April 20th-29th

Eliza Doolittle is a young flower seller with an unmistakable Cockney accent which keeps her in the lower rungs of Edwardian society. When Professor Henry Higgins tries to teach her how to speak like a proper lady, an unlikely friendship begins to flourish.



Eliza Doolittle- Lizzy McCawley
Prof. Henry Higgins- Robert Stuart
Colonel Hugh Pickering- Alex Fábrega
Alfred P. Doolittle- Daniel Gray
Mrs Higgins- Nancy Diskin
Freddy Eynsford-Hill- Everett Reed
Mrs Pearce- Courtney Erin Fitzgerald
Mrs Eynsford-Hill- Ashleigh Littlefield
Zoltan Karpathy- Ryan Stone
Harry- Jacob Godwin
Jamie- Dan Hall

Servant Chorus:
Ashleigh Littlefield
Chelsea Ealum
Catherine Beeche
Ashley Campbell
Nate Caldwell
Reece Fishback
Conner Fabrega
Peter LeVake
Rhiannon Paige Karp
Sam Hembree
Tessa Weinstein
Chyenne Reynolds
William Beeche
Jack Clavenna
Arleen Beeche
Spencer Scruggs
Flower Girls/Chamber Maids:
Sada Hembree
Ella Leaman
Andra Lynn Geiger